Thursday, October 13, 2005

Review: Philips HL140 Headphones

My three-year old speakers have been acting weird recently, and sometimes I wondered if some of the songs I've been listening would've made the eyebrows of my parents rise a little. o_O

So, I bought this pair of Philips headphones last Saturday at Popular Book Store. Now I know it isn't as fancy or famous as Sennheiser or Sony but eh, the sound quality is alright for me and it gets the job done. So, not much complaints from me.

The only thing I regret now is not choosing one with a longer cable, this pair only has 1 metre of cable and apparently the front headphone jack on my computer isn't working, so I shoved the whole computer out a bit to get to the jack on the back.

As you can see, it supposed to be lightweight and the headband is made out of metal. Just hoping my brain wouldn't become an antenna or something. ;) The whole headphone is light and comfortable enough once you wear it the right way.

Apparently also I noticed that some albums seems to be made to be listened through headphones, while some shouldn't even come near each other! Songs in Enigma's Voyageur album seem to be somewhat "disjointed" through headphones. Anyways, Kraftwerk and Mike Oldfield never sounded better compared to a crummy pair of speakers. :)

Overall at just RM21.99, it should be better than those tinny little earphones, just remember to note the little "L" and "R" on both sides of the headphones. :P

[Edit]: Check this site for more detailed info.


Kew said...

Dude... dont listern too loud man.. you may lost your hearing.. i lost mine liau...

mark b said...

Just dropped in to say hi! Enjoying your blog. To help solve your short lead woes, you can buy headphone extension leads. These give you much greater freedom to roam about in yer room. As for your aural sensation of "dis-jointment", many people suffer from this. In the world of serious headphone listeners, there is a circuit called a cross-feed that many people build. This puts some of the sound from the left into the right and vice versa. Good headphones are a capable of awesome sound quality! HTH

kimberly said...

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