Friday, June 11, 2004


According to the newest info on Blogger Knowledge, a Blogger service called Audioblogger has been launched a few days ago and even though it seems cool, if I use it my phone bill is going to get heavier since Audioblogger's number is only for those in the US only. Anywhere else would be long-distance.

Anyway, I just listened to an audioblog by Biz Stone. But as cool as it seems, in my opinion, it isn't going to work out. "Oh look, at the sky! It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's AUDIOBLOGGER!!!" (Okay, I'm tempted to use Audioblogger to blog that sentence... XD) I short, I hate hearing my voice coming out of speakers. Sometimes the speaker gods are cruel are I get sentenced to have my normal voice being garbled up and spat out like I've been possessed by the evil that lurks in the darkest parts of the internet.

Audioblogger also compromises the last pinch of personal privacy left on the internet - your voice. After having your thoughts, ideas, hopes and other stuff in your brain laid out neatly and nicely on your blog, the pictures you sometime share with other communities, you now have the option to have your voice being "sissified" and spread throughout the 4 corners of the internet. I think the only reason I'm rambling about Audioblogger is because I hate hearing recordings of my voice. I hope that's clear. >_<


LcF said...

few days ago? I thought I heard about AudioBlogger from since last year?

Andy said...

Hm... I think you're thinking about which is also identical to Audioblogger but is not anyway related to Blogger or Google.

GlassCharm said...

I can relate. I sound awful with my voice recorded, and look even worse when I take a picture. So not photogenic nor "voicegenic".

synical said...

Haha... I can't stand the sound of my voice over the PA and also the thought of being photographed, either.

So I probably won't be Audioblogging anytime soon, either.