Saturday, June 12, 2004

Malaysian Idol ad...

Visitor Pass (Sung to the tune of YMCA)

Young man, what are you doing here?
I said young man, you have no business here,
I said young man, you cannot parking here,
No way!
Don't... touch... your... car... right... now...


You gotta get a VISITOR PASS,
I said get a VISITOR PASS, (yeah)

You can park anywhere,
Go where ever you want,
No one will put a clamp on your car...



It's hilarious!


GlassCharm said...


A Rambler said...

heheheheh! i watched it and i was thinking what in the world this ad was for. then... "Everyone wants to be a star" came up.. adoi.. rofl. i like the ad tho

sashi said...

it was creative, no doubt. i hope there's more like that in the pipeline.. :)

LcF said...

yeah, I love the ad very much! :)
I wonder if anybody recorded it, so that we can download it?

oliviasy said...

i hvn't seen the ad yet. but from wat i gather... it hasn't been getting good reviews from the ad world *shrugs*