Wednesday, June 23, 2004

South Korean beheaded

[Warning, this post contains profanity 'cause I'm pissed off right now]

Article from Voice of America

>"The South Korean government is vowing not to be intimidated by such terror tactics and will standby plans to send additional troops to help rebuild the war-torn country."

This is the typical government blindly following Goddammed George W. Fucking Bush. The South Korean government and those following their footsteps aren't considered heroes by remaining defiant, they're being an asshole for letting their own citizens killed for absolutely nothing. Sometimes it's better to give and take, even with terrosists as long as nobody gets hurt.

>"South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun told his nation Wednesday he is heartsick and wrenched with grief over the beheading of translator Kim Sun-il."

That is a blatant, out and out 100% lie being told. The President wouldn't be "heartsick and wrenched" if he decided to pull out the troops in the first place. And oh yeah, and I'm guessing he's pouring out tears in buckets, grieving and bawling with sorrow in his office.

>"Mr. Roh says the execution of the 33-year-old South Korean worker is an act against humanity. He vowed not to let terrorism stop South Korea's dispatch of an additional 3,000 troops to join some 600 already there to help rebuild Iraq."

The Goddammed President's decision to let an innocent civilian get killed is clearly against humanity!

>"U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has praised the South Korean president for his refusal to allow the murder to alter the troop dispatch."

I now have absolutely no doubts that Colin Powell, together with George W. Bush, is pure evil. Praised??? Which sane human being would praise another person for murdering?

>"Asian nations also condemned the beheading of translator Kim Sun-il."

Don't condemn the beheading, condemn the President for God's sake! It's clearly his damn fault!

It's obviously clear in hostage situations that the government has the choice to comply with with the hostage takers' requests. It's their ego that stops them and it's their ego that causes an innocent man's life.

Impeach the bastard again!

I have never publicly expressed my opinions on the Goddammed "war on terrorism" before, and this news article has just pushed me over the edge. To be honest, I can never look at George W. Bush's face the same way again. I'm unable to laugh at the stupidities and tasteless jokes on David Letterman. Each and every time I see his face, I see a mass murderer as the President of the United States. I see him responsible for the estimated 3,000 Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq just because his Daddy can't topple Saddam by himself. I see his responsible for deaths of the 951 coalition soldiers in Iraq. I see him respnsible for each and every person killed or injured as a result of the conflict in Iraq!

The recent hostage executions have shown that the governments who wanted to suck up to George W. Bush are dragging themselves into shit-holes. People who were trying to help the Iraqi were treated as trespassers and they sure have proved that trespassers will be prosecuted and executed regardless of their agenda in Iraq. So what the fuck are those who say they "wanted to help" getting in return? It's times like this the idea of thinking for ourselves first before others might actually be a good idea. If the Iraqis don't want them to be there, then don't go! What's so hard to understand?

The whole war in Iraq situation is just as though if somebody barged into your own house, killed your family members, threw out the furniture, renovated the whole house, and then say it's for your own good. WTF?

I condemn this vile and evil person, and I condemn those who sucks up to his ass.


sarah said...

I read about the South Korean hostage on Mon/Tues I think and was praying so hard that the South Korean president would just bloody hell remove his troops.. but then I was at the stationery shop today, glanced at the papers and almost cried when I read that the poor guy had already been beheaded.

Gianne said...

[rant abt bush]yea well, that bush is getting crappier and more after the 9/11 incident. sometimes i watch cnn and i cannot stand the way he talks, like the recent one abt the developments in afghanistan. he was not speaking to the pople exactly, but more to justifying what he has done.
"three years ago,women are banned from education. now schools have been set up for them. three years ago, there is...(suffering of afghans)..., now...(self assuring, attempting-to-get-ppl-vote-for-him kind of speech). for god's sakes, it's not a movie! this is life! well, mr "make no mistake", he made one huge lump of shit[/rant abt bush]

now u can start suing librans like me. nothing seems to be done for the ppl who are getting beheaded. sometimes u see it their way, cruel to be kind; one man's agony for a whole troop. if we give in to them, they'd take more hostages and it'll be a bloody routine for those motherfuckers if they want anything. but then again, i wont be saying that if i were the hostage. =). no one wins

the war on iraq is unnecessary. i dont get this 'leaders'. if they are so fuckign set agaisnt one another, why dont just give them some boxing gloves and fight it out themselves? i doubt they realize how many fathers, mothers,sons, daughters, siblings and friends that had given their lives to fulfil their nice little dream. assholes.

Andy said...

Bush is the source of most of the world's problems today... I pray to God that he'll get his ass kicked by Kerry in the elections...

Anonymous said...

I would disagree with your continous posts concerning the way that the government of South Korea and the United States are doing the wrong thing by not withdrawing their troops from Iraq to save a life of lets say a journalist. Look, first, taking out 3000 troops in 24 hours is almost impossible, especially from Iraq. The U.S. freeing all Iraqi prisoners from Cuba is insane too, it's impossible and it goes against all the laws. Of course, I am not saying that it's something good that a person gets beheaded but it just can't be stopped. What I am trying to say is even if the two countries were able to do what the terrorists had asked in their sort of ransom for the beheading of the man, the terrorists would still most probably kill the person who they held hostage. I mean I don't think that they would be so dumb as to just let the hostage go and let the hostage tell the U.S. or South Korea all about the terrorists and where they are hiding. I mean really think about it more open-mindedly by looking at the big picture before swearing your head off at the presidents of the two countries. It's not an

Andy said...

I disagree with your opinion, have you ever heard of hostages who have been successfully released?

Google for Iraq "Hostage released" and Iraq "Hostages released" brings 23,500 and 2,430 results respectively. Do these news mean nothing to you?

In most of the cases, ransom money or agreements with the terrorists resulted in the hostages released and the people are now together with their family. That's what I'm hoping for! Not for terrorists to earn more money or gaining the imaginary upper hand, as the leaders would say.

I suggest that you think open-mindedly, these leaders do in fact have the power and ability to save the hostages if they wanted to in the first place. The beheadings can stop!

And please don't give me the "we don't negotiate with terrorists" statement and explain on the reasons behind it. The hostages are priority in my opinion. Hostages could be easily killed but terrorists will still exist on different corners of the earth, and it looks like young Bush isn't doing his job well.

About withdrawing troops, unless these leaders have sewn their mouths shut, they could've struck as agreement with them first and withdraw in batches.

About Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, now that's another atrocity. Prisoners caputed in the Afghanistan war are held indefinitely in a small cell and sometimes subjected to solitary confinement for days without even being declared as "Prisoner Of War". Bush says they're "Unlawful Combatants", which the Geneva Convention does not recognise. In fact, (quote) "under the internationally agreed upon Geneva Convention, all combatants captured during an armed conflict must be assumed to be prisoners of war until their status is determined by a tribunal independent of their captors." (unquote) Their detention there is clearly against the rules!

And I reiterate again, don't be brainwashed into thinking that the leaders are helpless in rescuing hostages. Options are plentyful, it's only up for them to choose.

Andy said...

And another thing, I don't believe you've read much on either the Iraq or Afghanistan war. The prisoners in Guantanamo Bay were all captured in Afghanistan war, none were from the Iraq war. Most of them were Afghans, not Iraqis.