Saturday, October 09, 2004

Broadband disconnected...


Tried to log onto the internet last night but found that the username and/or password may have become invalid. Now blogging from an internet cafe near my school. Braved the cold rain and strong winds just to check my e-mails and post messages... Heh... Could've used my handphone to do the same thing but somehow either the GPRS wouldn't work or the browser cookie wasn't functioning, adding the agony to the pain...

I'm expecting hoping praying that I'll be able to get onto the intenet at home once the bills have been paid... Erk... paying bills... @_@ Things will get better soon, I believe... A bit of staying away from the internet couldn't really bother me much, could it? [Said from a person who has gotten online every single day since he got broadband roughly 11 months ago, barring any unexpected circumstances like going for a holiday or the monitor getting busted....]

Started reading several novels which had gathered dust for the past months year... More time available for me since there's no connection.... = Strangely I found that my CR-ROM drive had busted... again... Everything seems to go wrong recently... Maybe it's a sign that says I should cut down on the internet time... Hope I won't suffer from addiction withdrawl like the previous time 2 years ago... XD

Anyway, off to Pranging Mall and Tanjung Bungah with my classmates tomorrow to visit a friend... Will be scrambling to squeeze every minute available to get onto the internet... XD

Btw, think this is my 100th post on this blog... Hurray! =)


GlassCharm said...

Oh dear. You probably won't be reading this, but I do hope you get reconnected as soon as possible. =(

*quickly slips away and spams his ICQ so he will be bombarded by spammy messages when he returns*

Nicole said...

Hope you will be back soon! I want to talk to you on AIM. My internet connection is very slow during peak hours like midnight.

Andy said...

GC: Read it already... Also logged onto ICQ just now... Hehehe... =)

Nicole: Also looking forward to IMing everyone... Not all online at the same hour though... Too bad... =|

Super Shoujo Ju said...

Internet numbs you. It's like the devil wrapping duct tape around your head, making you oblivious to a lot of minute yet important things. Painful to have the tape hurriedly stripped off? Withdrawal symptoms XD

Anyway, yes. Doing things like....staring at the abestos sheet on the ceiling gives much pleasure. :p