Thursday, October 28, 2004


Benny, the class monitor invited all of the teachers who taught the class for a group shot sometime after recess. Out of the 11 teachers who were responsible in one way or another in teaching this class, only 9 agreed to do the shot! I'm also happy that the bitch didn't want to take part, Benny shared the same sentiments but he just asked her for fairness sakes.

Will scan the photos once I get it!

Other things that happened today:
1. Had a nasty bruise on the left leg after it was struck by a flying bench. I blame Wei Chuan for moving it in a hurry... It's okay now though... =)
2. Tried out arm-wrestling with the same person for the first time since a long time, the last time I was involved in one was when I was in primary school! So it was a surprise that I could beat him using my left arm! Right arm weaker, even though I'm a right-hander... o_O (Won and draw once using left arms, lost both using right arms)

First Malay paper starts at 7:35 am... Signing off now!

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