Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I am...

I am currently grining ear to ear... =)

Just received hosting from iFreeBee after 50 posts and there's no school for tomorrow... They said they lacked classrooms for the PMR exams and so the Form 1 students got a day off on Tuesday, Form 2 students today and us Form 4 students tomorrow! =)

For once, the Form 4 students was greeted by an almost empty canteen/cafeteria at recess. We got the whole place to ourselves! XD

Made plans to make another trip to Tanjung Bungah on Sunday, trainee teacher (who taught her last lesson today) wanted to give us a treat at Prangin Mall, will then proceed to the beach later and visit a classmate's house near there. Hopefully it won't turn out to be like the previous trip.

Snapped photos with classmates and trainee teacher in class, I took about 6-7 shots on her camera. Hope to scan and paste 'em here on this blog once the film gets developed.

Walked half way to class when I realised that I left my bottle of water at the stationary shop outside the school. -_- Luckily this was before school had started and there were no prifects guarding the main gate... Oh right... No school for Form 2 students today... -_-

Random thought: It's pretty hard to focus in class when your brain keeps getting stuck in the gutter. Damn hormones. I haven't even whined about the zits (which popped out recently) yet....

Anyway, off to dinner... =)

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