Saturday, October 30, 2004

Photos and papers...

Yep, the photos were developed and I received them yesterday, then scanned it with my ageing scanner and uploaded it to the internet... =) Click to see the larger version of the photos.

Teachers from left to right: Ms. Tan Swee Chin (Economics Basics), Mr. Lee Mok On (Science), Mrs. Anne Tan (History). Yours truly is placed in the front row, second from left. =) Don't mind the unusually tall fella, he just propped up himself on the base of Father Julian's statue.

Teachers from left to right: Mr. Harry Thombas (Physical Education), Mrs. Tay Lee Eng (English), Ms. Tock Pek Ngoh (Accountings), Ms. Fung Chui Jing (Malay), Mrs. Nor Aini Mamat (Moral Studies). You might not notice it, but it was actually raining outside, so the photo was taken in the foyer. I'm standing at the last row, second from left. My classmate tried to tickle my ear when the second time the photo was taken. I hadn't even saw that one yet! XP

This one wasn't taken recently, start of the year to be precise, but I decided to scan it anyway. This photo was used for the school's annual yearbook and 36 students were in it (with one absentee) while only 26 students were willing to be shot (7 absentees for class). The dorky one in front of Father Julian's statue would be me, I've now abandoned wearing glasses when taking pictures.

Teachers who didn't want to be photographs would be Mrs. Ooi Beng Hua (Chinese) and Ms. Tan Lee Cheng (damn Additional Maths) and Ms. Khoo Sin Dee couldn't make it due to classes.


Writing 2 essays in Malay wasn't very hard in Malay, I just hope I didn't screw it up... =| Ran out of time for the second essay and finished the ending quickly (due to a rewrite)... The topic on the first essay was regarding the effects of video games towards children and teenagers while I chose to describe a snatch-theft incident which happened right in front of me...

Economics Basics wasn't tough either, I avoided answering the 2 questions that involve drawing graphs and explaining what you've just drawn and chose the other 3 essay questions that are available... The last question involves roughly 8 structure questions... Took pot shots at one or two 8/9 marks questions but managed to answer all questions in time... Thankfully I didn't feel drowsy or anything of those sorts during the exam... I credit the adrenaline and caffeine for that!

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GlassCharm said...

For a scannd pic this sure looks much clearer than the pics I scanned...pathetic me. -__-'

On another note, I'm glad you found your exams okay and not impossible hard. ^_^ Get studying!