Friday, October 22, 2004

Getting priorities wrong...

That's right, I'm getting my priorities wrong and mismanaged my time. There's nothing that can be totally and utterly done unless there's a whole day on my hands. I've come close to letting this blog collect dust, but I'm not going to let that happen. I'm not doing much to this blog (except for blogging) at the moment since the exams are around the corner.

Form 4 life for me is coming to a close within a few weeks, number of schooling days left - 4, number of days before exams - 7. Except for 2 subjects, I am feeling so unprepared for this exams more than ever. The daunting questions, numbers and papers at the moment would seemed almost easy as pie once you hit the next level in Form 5. I've skipped mentioning the previous exams in my blog as it wasn't something that make kids proud if they showed the same report card to their parents.

Eh, time mismanagement. The simple answer to all of the problems that I've encountered this year. There aren't enough hours in a day, I'm living on a 48 hour schedule in a 24 hour day. Even the days without internet has left me puzzled on sorting and executing priorities. I desperately need to get that some order in my life.

I want to spend the whole day reading, reading whatever is on the internet, reading whatever books that I have, but yet I can't get myself interested in reading school-related books.

There's no excuse for this kind of behaviour, bitching about it here doesn't justify it either. I'm officially taking a break from blogging and I will be back after the exams are over.

Wish me luck!

Notes to self: (Yes, I've been reading JalanRiong for quite some time now... ;))
1. Stay off the Wikipedia website, it's addictive, just plain addictive.
2. Stay away from forums and news sites.
3. Limit online time to just checking e-mail.
4. Stay focused on target and keep it in place.

Random motivational thought: "The computer does not own you!"


It's been a rollercoaster ride through hell trying to get that darned bill paid. Since there wasn't a copy of the bill available, we had to make a trip down to the Kedai Telekom to request a copy of it but it turns out that we can't pay bills after 4:15pm even though the sign outside says payment services ends at 4:30pm. How misleading.

Originally intended to make another trip to the same place today but thankfully, I had somehow thought to find old copies of the bill just in case of computer/database troubles but somehow it turns out that we did in fact have the bill right in our hands! Scrapped long trip to Kedai Telekom and detour to the much nearer Pos Malaysia mini-post office. Everything went smoothly, until we got there. The aunty behind the counter said that the computer wasn't able to accept TM Net codes on the bill. Tough luck.

Tomorrow (or rather today, as it's already early morning) is the last day for the bill. I shudder at the thought of being permanently disconnected from Streamyx. All of the trouble could be saved if it wasn't for my mom's distrust of internet-banking. She's somehow concerned that the bank staff would swipe everything in her band account. But this coming from a non-internet savvy person, it's understandable.

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GlassCharm said...

That's the right thing to do. Keeping yourself away from the computer. You'll need to have sufficient determination and willpower to actually be able to STAY AWAY from it though. For drastic measures try writing in big letters on a piece of paper with a marker pen: GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU SLACKER! and taping the paper to your monitor. XD

Anyhow, wishing you best of luck for your exams. If you have been studying, you have nothing to fear. I...hope you have. You have, right?


Anyway, I'll be taking care of your role-play characters while you're gone, so don't worry about them!

P.S. Random fact: The computer OWNS YOU! BWAHAHAHAHA!