Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dropping a Subject

I know I can be long-winded here, but please bear with me a bit, will ya? :P

I've been taking three optional subjects and during the past two weeks, I've attened classes for five Form 6 subjects, not including MUET. And I've come down to the conclusion to just drop Malay Language. The subject is pretty neat itself, and the lessons can be useful when the teacher rambles off and turns it into a "brainwashing session", but I don't think I'm that capable of taking five subjects at once. Better to just drop one for now and lessen the burden, four is just fine enough.

And to be honest, I'm sort of thinking twice and thrice about this decision. Though I'll have 2 free periods 4 days a week, it's sort of a pity not to listen to the teacher's ramblings. It can be boring when she teaches, but she's easily prone to teaching 15 minutes and then spending the rest of the hour talking off-topic into stuff regarding general life or university life or even teenage relationships. In short, once she rambles it's gonna be an interesting and witty one, so most of the students in the small class keep their ears peeled. :P

Another guy dropped the subject already, and it looks like it's gonna be me and Edmund's turn. Tak boleh tahan (cannot stand) anymore...

Though over the rest of the year I think the number will still be thinning from its current 16, but the number will probably rise when students find Accountings to be too hard and then switch subjects to Malay Language. From the frying pan and into the fire, if you ask me.

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Jin said...

Sigh, what a pity.

Andy said...

Jin, everyone in Form 6 is taking 4 subjects. It's just me and a few others that were the odd ones out, taking 5 subjects to see how the subjects are.

I think it's a fair tradeoff, to be modest and settle for 4 and try to be good in all of them, rather than taking an extra one and increasing the risk of the fifth subject dragging me down. Besides, the Malay Language teacher's been encouraging her students to take other subjects actually.

Edmund said...

I have to say....the off topic things are just too good. I think (i'll need it)^365. The homework ? "Deadly Baby"
Yes, the amount and the difficulty. o.o' i think i'll whine while i still have the time to.

J-Teoh said...

I'm taking 4 subjects in the sc stream, and its not easy to be good in all of them. I'm only good in two, have to fight like hell to be ok in one, and am so totally flunking the last.

I think you oughta drop the extra one.