Monday, May 22, 2006

Slowly Making Me Go Bankrupt...

Yes I'm aware that I can be a cheapskate sometimes, I just can't help but notice how expensive the books are for Form 6. When you're in Form 6, there's no government-assisted textbook lending scheme. That means all books have to be bought, and from what I know it's gonna get even expensive for university books.

I've already paid RM60 for General Studies and Mathematics and gotten both books more or less at the spot. And tomorrow I need another RM70 for Business Studies and MUET (Malaysian University English Test) books. When you add up to the RM150 I've already paid for school fees and MUET fees last week, and even though mom's helping me out a bit with the fees, I'm still gonna be left with little cash to spare. :(

From top to bottom: Mathematics 1, General Studies, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics.
Every one of them thick, heavy and intimidating, with enough to make your head explode from reading it.

There's still more books to come tomorrow and the day after. The good part is that they're usable for the next year and a half, the bad part is that they're easily worn out and some books smell like they've been dipped in a chlorine solution. x.X

About the books, I'm pretty glad that they're using English for Mathematics, and that the Science stream students are also taking Science and Mathematics lessons fully in English, though some students would find it hard to cope with. And also, if I'm seriously gonna take Malay Language I need to get an additional four more books.

Even though Form 6's much more affordable than college, education still doesn't come cheap indeed.

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Neo said...

Wow, not cheap yeah... anyway, study harder and get some scholarship :D

Andy said...

Neo - Thanks! Yeah, a scholarship would definitely be nice if I could get one. I need it! :P

Edmund said...

It's heavy both on the cash side and the physical weight side @.@

psst: don't forget the PP as well. X_x

Andy said...

Edmund - Yeah, we both gotta switch to our usual bags tomorrow. :P And I haven't gotten the PP/Business Studies book yet because I had to use the cash to pay for the Maths one. xD

Jin said...

I remember having such thick and scary textbooks in Secondary 3 and 4, but my friend told me if you shower your books with love and care, the books will love and care for you too (i.e. you will ace tests and exams). How true is that, it is up to you to attend to your darling textbooks!

Andy said...

Jin - That sounds so nice, hehe... I'm already trying it, and just hoping it works for me. :)