Friday, May 12, 2006

wittysquirrel at eBay?

If you ever happen to be browsng at eBay and see the username "wittysquirrel" selling or buying something there, please be aware that the person using that account isn't me at all. I have no idea why did this person just switch his name like that, and his previous nickname "witty3501" yielded no Google results. Was this person's intent on using the same nickname as mine merely an innocent one, or was he jumping on my bandwagon uninvited?

Here's the link to his profile and here's to his account history. If it was really me at eBay, you'd be seeing the username "andylkl" rather than "wittysquirrel" and here's my real profile to back it up. Though I browse eBay most of the time, I'm also mostly inactive when it comes to buying/selling stuff, hence the 0 comments there. If I had a credit card and had full access to a PayPal account, I might not be that idle there. :P

Though it might really be nothing much of an issue here, but I thought it would be best if I could at least blog a bit about this, in case someone could really mistaken this guy for me.


hedgehogman said...

well i think its only a coincidence, many people also using nick hedgehogman. And I dont know whether they do some criminals thing or not.
anyaway goodluck with your blog

Andy said...

hedgehogman: Probably so, probably not. :P And thanks, hehe! :D