Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Toxic-Smelling Laundry!


Never in my entire life have I smelt anything such disgusting, noxious, foul-smelling, and even stomach-churning stench before! I was helping doing the laundry for my dad's work clothes, and as I dumped the bucket of soaked clothes out, I was blasted with a smell that will haunt me for eternity. I cringed, and I almost gagged, this is the worst smell that I have ever encounted. Ever.

Sweaty shirt, sweaty pants, sweaty underwear and especially sweaty socks, soaked inside a tub of water for an entire day, it's the perfect ingredient to make a stinkbomb that'll dissipate even the worst unruly crowds. I think it needs an entire bottle of softener to get rid of that rubbish dump and rotted cuttlefish smell.

Now that I just mentioned this to mom too, she's apparently laughing her head off.

I think I just caught a whift of the stench, now please excuse me as I get back to my room and shove a piece of air-freshener up my nose.


chloe said...

erlack. i think i can smell u here. =P

Jin said...

Hahahaha. I smelled this yucky smell before, so I totally emphatise with your plight. Bless you, bro~

nepspeed82 said...

we could use that toxic concoction of yours to finally put an end to the rat and cockroach infestation here in our house.

panda cookie said...

Oh my. I hope you had some air freshener on hand!

gianne said...

hahhaah! now ye understand the pain of a 'woman''s chore