Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, today is Mother's Day!

My mom, she's been around with the family and taking care of for a very long while, and most of the time she there to be the sensible voice for the family. It's no surprise that she's been appreciated. My sister who's in Butterworth, through my dad she sent mom a small bouquet of flowers and a very large chocolate cake from Secret Recipe, a local chain of cake shops. I still remember last year's cake, it was chocolate and coffee. :P

It's been quite a long while since we've tasted a cake like this. *drools*

Luckily I found out a bit earlier that I could finally use my handphone to snap some pics now. So, why not taking a pic of the creamy chocolate cake before eating it? On a related note, check out my LifeLogger profile, I'm gonna be more active there!

So, mom had the honour for the first slice, then dad had a slice, and I had one too...

Fancy a slice? =9

Turns out the whole cake is made out of dark chocolate and covered with dark chocolate. The chocolate taste was overpowering and the cake was certainly very sweet. I haven't even finished this slice of cake yet actually. Though the cake's very nice, Secret Recipe's cakes have always been always been a delight to try, though it wouldn't hurt them to try out a little variety on an all-chocolate cake.

Earlier in the day, sis phoned and told my mom that she was sending the cake and two currypuffs. She also couldn't make it as she was living in Butterworth and busy with plenty of stuff there. So later on when dad handed me the cake and currypuffs did I notice that the currypuffs were in two boxes. Judging by the looks of the box I mentioned to my mom tbat she probably heard wrong as I assumed she meant two boxes rather than two pieces.

So I open the box and this is what I was greeted with...

This is most possibly the world's largest chicken currypuff. 'Tis sort of scary if you ask me.

Dad had tried it already but I haven't yet, and what I could see inside was chicken stuffing, carrots and some other veggies inside. I haven't tried it yet though and am keeping it for tomorrow. My mom won't try it as she's switched to a semi-vegetarian diet in order to improve her health. The cake she's eating though. And by the looks of even if all of us three eat the cake everyday, it'll only be finished after around two weeks of eating. @.@

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Edmund said...

Indeed,Nice cake XP That huge curry puff is cornish. Eat one and you will feel you ate too much XP