Thursday, May 11, 2006

Heng Ee High School and Spooky Rumours

I was doing some Google searches about my high school when I found two threads from the Ragnarok Online forums. And though it does unnerve me a little, like any other places Heng Ee High School does emit its own creepyness sometimes. Going back to the school for a sixth and soon seventh year really is making me revisit the "rumours" of spooks and any other supernatural occurance in my school. What can I say? It's a favourite topic of mine! :P

If you're sorta squirmish or sensitive regarding this topic, it's advisable to stop reading at once and turn away from this post!

Snippet from this thread:

"haihz.. at penang "heng ee" skoll... case happen when the maingate(three of them) the last gate count from left to right,open sure got accident 1.. and once it happen on my friends boyfren.. i was sad enough coz i noe the guy.. my friend cry till faint when my friend go seehes bf face.. she said she saw hes bf smiling at him.. then gone ady... hes bf body was separated into 2 parts..

once the heng ee open STUPID GATE!~ got 1 boy let skol buss roll over hes head.. and the brains pop out falls on the drink seller uncle stall.. many ppl say the boy self fall down when hes the 1st person run out using dat gate.. hes juz form 1.. the boy was rakan sebaya science garden many ppl say they saw the kid there playing water!! the headmaster wif all teacher pray him ask him don disturb the students.. until muz call hes mother come say sorry coz on dat day hes mother saw hes son ran out b4 got crush hes mom scold him bad word..he run around the skkol corridor everymorning and play piano in hall.. haiz.. all hes mother fault la.. the kid beh siok revenge!!"

Just for the fact fiders searching for any grains of truth in this rumour. Well, this incident happened in 2000, a year before my batch, and the kid was indeed Form 1 when that unfortunate incident occured. He was run over by a school bus right outside the school gate (third gate or not I don't know).

A bit of info about the third gate here. If you're standing from the outside and facing towards the school, the third gate is on the most right-hand side. Personally I've never seen the gate being open before, but now students park their bikes at the gate now. Really interesting to know that there's a rumour like this revolving around the gate. o.O

And whether or not his spirit really roams throughout the school I also don't know about that. But what I can verify is that teachers and the headmaster have set aside a day where they'll light up joss sticks and burn some "gold paper" in the school garden which is right outside the teacher's office. I've seen it with my own eyes here. Whether or not you choose to associate this with the boy's spirit, it's for you to decide.

Snippet from this thread:

"But got 1 more 4got tell.. Theirmusical room also very geli.. If morning skoll ppl,Some bad luk will saw red colour thing moving around de.. The red thing dissapear when ppl go in the room de.."

There's two music rooms in the school, one on the second floor and one on the third floor, both on the newer block. The one of the second floor keeps all of the musical instruments for the brass band and also the school's Chinese orchestra. When anyone plays in the room it creates a loud din, but when there's no one the rooms are eeriely silent. And not to mention the stairway leading directly to the two rooms is dark and gloomy too. For me I haven't seen anything there at all.

There's also this post and the post underneath it. However I knew neither of the things that this guy wrote there. However the post underneath it indeed mentions a running rumour within the school, a rumour that someone from the school will die every year. That's just plain poppycock in reality though. Though there still were cases of people from the school (including a teacher) passing away in 2003 and 2004, there were none in 2005 as far as I know of, and I definitely hope everyone's safe this year round.

And on a personal note here, my Form 2 Chinese teacher (Mrs. Low) once mentioned in class that she once had a new student who was transferred from another school. Apparently this guy had a "third eye" and could see spirits, and he mentioned to my teacher that he saw "things" everywhere in the school, in the hallways and in the toilets those sorts of places. A month later he was transferred from my school into another one.

In conclusion, keep an open mind and take everything that you've read (including this blog post here) with a grain of salt. I'm a skeptic of most paranormal-related stuff, and even though I enjoy reading about it, it doesn't make me a believer. It's best not to tempt fate, and even I'm gonna touch wood several times for writing this blog post, just to be on the safe side. :P

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5xmom said...

Hehehe, all missionaries schools got their tales to tell. In St. Xaviers, it was the old brothers (those angmohs who came to Penang long time ago to set up the school) so less spooky hor? But seriously, now that you mentioned, Heng Ee has gone down in the news many times due to these accidents la.

Andy said...

Yothemans: Wah surprised, wah shocked or wah lau eh? Hehehe... :P

Lilian: Yeah I agree there, but Heng Ee's a small school in terms of land size, if got any haunting just confined to a few places there. :P