Thursday, May 11, 2006

Monday Form 6 Briefing

Last Monday, on the 8th, I didn't expect to see so many former Form 5 students sitting in my school's lecture hall to listen to the briefing. Heck, even those who didn't plan to head onwards to Form 6 just attended for fun and listen to the briefing.

During the whole two hours there starting from 8:30am (I was only late a few minutes), the whole lecture hall was filled to the brim until extra chairs had to be brought in and folks had not choice but sit on the steps. Even then people were still coming in. Man, who would've thought it would attract such a big crowd here?

So, during the whole course of the briefing, there were two teachers, the assistant headmaster and headmaster himself giving talks in the hall. Stuff like subjects offered by the school, exam papers, MUET, and frequently asked questions about Form 6 were all well covered.

It's confirmed that the Form 6 boys need not have crew cuts, the headmaster received cheers and a round of applause for announcing that. But this got a bad response from the girls, and the boys later retorted that it's the girls who should have crew cuts! Hehe!

So, the subjects offered for the science stream students were:
1. General Studies
2. Mathematics S+T
3. Chemistry
4. Biology or Physics

For the last option there, they couldn't choose both as Biology and Physics students were seperated in two classes.

For humanities students like me, the school only offers:
1. General Studies
2. Economics
3. Mathematics S or Chinese Language
4. Business Studies
5. Accountings or Malay Language

General Studies and Economics were mandatory subjects, but the last five subjects were all optional. The only reason it was grouped like that was because the timetable for choices #3 and #5 would overlap, so they couldn't take two subjects if the schedule conflicts. Overall, my school's not that flexible if you ask me.

Well, there was no History and no Literature in English, so the subjects that I went with were General Studies, Economics, Mathematics S, Business Studies and Malay language as the optional fifth subject. o.o I'm not on good relations with the Malay Language teacher ever since she teached me in Form 3, but I'm willing to see what happens next. No harm done if I drop out of that subject later on. :P

So, the briefing eventually took an extra half-hour and only ended at 10:30am. Met some old buddies, and couldn't even recognise some. Some looked totally fit from their National Service stint, some looked even cooler than before, but a friend of mine really stood out there. If Noodle from the band Gorillaz ever had an elder brother, I'd imagine him to be very similar to my friend here. o.o

An interesting note about that Monday was that it was only six minutes before the briefing start and yet I had to scoop a pair of kittens from the road and place them safely on the sidewalk. Darn lady didn't dare to pick up the kitten underneath her parked car so I had to do the dirty work. Didn't see the kittens on my way back though.

And also, I was wrong about the headmaster transferred to another school. Very wrong. My sincere apologies in case anyone leapt in joy from my original announcement there.

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