Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blog Marathon 1: Morning!

Alrighty, so I woke up just now... But starting at 2:30/3am in the morning just to blog? Think I'd get flamed down by my mom and I'd end up looking like a zombie for the next few days...

So, I'll be occupied for the next 2 weeks too, another chess competition, this time it's an inter-school one, the annual MSSPP competition and it's gonna be my fifth year in a row participating in this... Individuals on next Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, school's annual cross-country race on Friday, team on the next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and did I mention that I've to skip school for a total of six days???

Cross-country race at the Youth Park, think it's about 8 or 10 kms (darn, I forgot >_<), since it's my last year in this school, I think it's best not to skip it this time... :P


mmitch said...

chess yeh..They say chess and bridge go hand and hand...I only played a wee bit of chess, but alot of bridge...Representing Ireland on U-25 team...hmmmm

stop by and say hi

Andy said...

mmitch: I'd agree with you if I know how to play bridge... :P

5xmom said...

Hi Andy
Thot u really marathon blog. Cheers!