Wednesday, April 06, 2005

MSSPP chess tournament on day 2...

So, this year's edition of the MSSPP chess tournament is held at Penang Free School, which I think is a very bad decision... The hall isn't big enough for that many players in it, so the seating arrangement in the hall was very crowded... the hall is just 1/4 of last year hall in Penang Chinese Girls' High School... The hall there is air-conditioned, the place clean and nice, and you've got some pretty gals there of course... :P But anyway, after seeing around a bit of FPS, I think I'd change my mind and go back to Heng Ee if I wanted to study Form 6...

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^ Teammates just before the first round starts...

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^ Pic of the tiny Penang Free School hall...

You can see the larger pics at my LifeLogger and if only you're using IE, it only gives you a whole bunch of gibberish if you attempt to look at it using Firefox...

Actually, I was wondering if they had placed handphone signal jammers there... For the first time since I remember using DiGi, this is the first time that I've seen no reception signal for my handphone! (except during in underground carparks of course) Sending MMSes was very hard, so don't even talk about phone calls...

By the way, they've said that it's a new FIDE rule that if a player's handphone rings during a competitive match, the player is immediately disqualified... I've checked this with Google and it seems that it's true... o_O



Still a bit sore over the last game of today...

But anyway, let's start from the beginning... The first match was against Tan Yik Ping, one of those uber-strong players that manages to get the top three during every MSSPP outing... Naturally, I lost... =\ Will be posting up the notations of my game eventually...

Second match was an easy one, I played against a rookie (no pun intended, he said it himself) and won easily... But then he's a swell fella, would be interesting to see what happens in the next MSSPP outing...

Third match was also an easy one because...

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Damiano Defence (above) = dead meat

After this position, I played out:
3. Nxe5 f6xN
4. Qh6+ Ke7
5. Qxe5+ Kf7
6. Bc4+ Kg6
7. Qf5+ Kh6
8. d3+ g5
9. h4 Be7
10. h4xg5+ Kg7
11. Qf7++ (checkmate!)

End position looks like this:
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On another note: I met Randytsx from Wikipedia... We've been chatting online for quite some time now, and so it was nice meeting him... :)

Second day started off in a blur mode... Although I was in a clear and prepared state of mind, somehow I managed to mix up my opponent's number (which was 18) and my table number (which was 16) for the fourth match... So I sat at table 18 and we started playing a bit, I didn't notice something was wrong, he didn't notice it either until one of the arbiter's assistants came to the table and about the seating stuff and all (because table 16 for black was empty), realised I was playing against the wrong player, I rushed back to the correct table and played there...

He was a Penang Free School player, obviously strong, he attacked me well and sacrified a knight but his attack failed, we kept on exchanging pieces until he resigned... :P

Fifth match was against (hell, whaddaya know?) a SXI (St. Xavier's Institution) player, the same one I mistakenly played earlier... xD He's also strong but I made no mistakes until I got forked in the middle of the match (>_<), but got a knight and a bishop in return for a rook, and I later got the upper hand, 2 bishops against one, 4 pawns against 6, after the exchange... Grabbed most of his pawns and threatened to queen either one of my pawn in the left, middle or right side of the chessboard... He resigned... :P

Six match was against a Chung Ling (Penang) player, and I was way up on the ninth table... o_O Both of us played cautiously until he moved his bishop to attack my rook and yet uncovered an attack on my queen on the same time! Moved the queen besides his to exchange it on the next move, and his bishop took my rook, I recaptured it... >_O

The action of the match was right on the centre of the board and we both had pawns that seem to have the potential to be queened... (See below)

Here is the position in the midgame:
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White to move, here's how I played (me black):
1. Rf1 c6
2. Kh2 Kg8
3. Rc1 Rd4
4. Rc3 Bc7
5. KRc1 Bxe5+
6. Kf1 Rd2 (and I've already considered lost there... T_T)

After the match, my opponent told me that I should move like this:
1. Rf1 c3
2. e6 c2
3. QRc1 Bxf2!+
4. RxB Rd1+
5. RxR c2xR(Q) (and I would've won!)

Dammit... >_< So anyways, last 2 matches tomorrow and I hope to win them both, and probably have a chance to get into the top 20 rankings...

Edit: I just remembered more stuff... While we were walking from PFS back to our school after the fourth match to have breakfast (both schools are pretty close to each other, don't make much sense doesn't it?), one of my friends walked with his eyes looking at the ground (because he was talking) and subsequently banged his head onto the sawed off end of a billboard on a corner of the road... Ouch... >_< He bled pretty badly for a while, but it stopped eventually... Who in the world would place one of these things so low???


Koala Mentala said...

Isn't chess just for losers who didn't get picked for the football team?

LOL, I'm just kidding, actually I love football.

I mean chess.

Andy said...

Koala Mentala: You should've seen the chess players we have nowadays... Some of them are big and buff and indeed look more like football players... xD

But seriously, we've got one from the swim team also in our chess team... :P