Sunday, April 03, 2005

Blog Marathon 31: Carmina Burana

Says here that Carmina Burana was a set of texts and poems created a few hundred years ago and has been used quite frequently in the past century...

Frankly I think it's a great piece of work, judging from the samples on some of Enigma's songs, in the album, The Screen Behind the Mirror, you have 4 songs attributed to Carmina Burana and they were the first time that the usage of Carmina Burana has been authorised... (I'm thinking it's Carl Orff's relatives, since he passed away in 1982)

Strangely, listening to Gregorian chants and Carmina Burana from their songs does make me feel interested in picking up Latin... Oh yeah, I hear you screaming "you can't handle your Malay and Chinese subjects and yet you want to take up more languages? You siao ah? ("Are you insane?" in Manglish)" You could say that the last part came from my mom... :P

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Anonymous said...

I'm working on a research paper regarding reimagination of intellectual property in the arts (read: remixing music) and I stumbled on your blog, the library being closed for another three hours.

I just thought you might be interested to note that The Doors (mentioned in the Wiki article) is a 1991 film, Excalibur is a 1981 film, and Enigma's Screen Behind the Mirror was released in 2000. I cannot assert that the film was the first licensed use of the music. The copyrights are currently held by Schott Music International (, though the original works are, of course, in the public domain.

Pardon the intrusion,
Paul Knight