Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blog Marathon 13: The Apprentice 2 and impulsive thoughts

I've been thinking about blogging this for quite some time until I was reminded just now. During the early episodes of The Apprentice 2, Bradford did something in the boardroom that I probably might eventually do someday: Make a stupid impulsive decision that'll ruin (at least part) my life. Don't ask me why, but I felt that it'll happen eventually.

Think first, think twice and think thrice, I stick to it most of the time but then there is always that lingering impulsive thoughts... To be honest, I fear that side of me... Sometimes I keep thinking these when I'm outside: "what if I fall over that guardrail?", "what if I get run over by a car or lorry?" or "what if someone throws a brick from upstairs and it hits me on the head?" Yea yea, I've an odd sense of morbidity, thinking it has something to do with the lack of sleep at those moments... :P

Arngh, Chyi Shen phoned me, I've to prepare a dialogue for an English oral exam for me and 2 of my classmates... Due on Monday... >_<

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