Sunday, April 03, 2005

Blog Marathon 36: Linked!

^ The worst ideas I could ever think up was for a) questions, b) titles... So please excuse the unimpressive choice of words... ^^;;

They say that if you do something long (or exhausting) enough, anything else that comes after that looks just like small feed. Same thing on Genting, once you eat/buy anything there, everything else looks cheaper (and worthwhile) once you reach the bottom of the mountain. If you've done a whole mountain pile of homework before, copying a few pages of notes doesn't sound that bad. And if you'd done a whole crapload of blog posts in one day, what else is just a post a day?

Btw, my previous post got linked by Mack... Thanks! :D


B.S. said...

Oh man, 20hrs coming up


mmitch said...

final post in 15 minutes it wil be 9:50PM UK time. you ready?

Andy said...

B.S., w00t indeed! :P

Mmitch, ready for you... =)

mmitch said...

Finished!!! Nite Andy.