Sunday, April 03, 2005

Blog Marathon 33: Darkness falls...

It's the middle of the night, and perhaps I shouldn't be reading those threads at the Fortean Times forums, it's just a bit unnerving... Hm... I'm not comfortable with darkness really, and with my blurry eyesight at times, I think that I frequently see little things which aren't there, or at least I think it's not there... It's not there, it's not there... *comforts self*

Who asked me to get interested in the paranormal at a young age?

By the way, congrats to Julianne of Not elsewhere for completing the whole 26 hours! w00t!


mmitch said...

dont worry. im not finished for another 4 posts. I just placed the post there so that if anyone was finished bfore me they could let us know. 4 more...woo hoo

GlassCharm said...

Good grief. Fortean isn't the place to go to AT NIGHT.