Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blog Marathon 27: Crosslinking

How many times have this happen before, you've got an idea, thinking about something, and then when you get there, you lose all trace of it? Hm... this has happened countless time before, I gotta hang to what thoughts I have... :P

Well we're continuing on with the blog marathon, it's 11 something in the night, and this is the... 27th post since we've started... =)

Gah, I've a terribly short attention span too, once I focus on another thing, I lose all interesting in the thing I was previously doing... This happens quite a lot of times too... T_T

I'm currently on the IRC channel previously mentioned here... It's been nice chatting with them... Fun guys... fungi? :P

Yay for crosslinking:
Not elsewhere
Meg's Blog-a-thon
The Gravy Train
Everything Irish

Blog on guys! :P

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