Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blog Marathon 18: Marathon bloggers...

Gah, that previous post took me about 50 minutes to complete... =\ Ah nevermind, piccies is my next choice... then it's *ZZZ*

Wonder still how many marathon bloggers are still blogging now... Hm... Noted that some of the bloggers failed to appear while some others for one reason or another just dropped out... Too bad... =\

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mmitch said...

I'm till here :-) ya shame but things crop up to and people cant make it-still there are a few of us left. I'm going to see it out to the end now. Its 11.42am here on saturday I have the window open and there is a lovely spring breeze keeping me awake. (Ive been awake for 29 hours now) not to bad at all