Sunday, April 03, 2005

Blog Marathon 37: Done!

I am timing this exactly 20 hours since I blogged my first entry this morning... Well it's been an awesome experience... Big thanks to Mmitch for organising and arranging this, and thanks too to B.S., Julianne and Meg for staying along with us, T-zone and Koala Mentala, it's been nice reading yer blogs... I'll be adding you guys to my list... And thanks for the comments I've received throughout the whole day... :)

Like what Mack said, I'm all ready for another blogathon sometime soon, just hope it's not more than 20 hours... x_X By the way, the longest time I've stayed fully consciousness was for roughly 21 hours and 45 minutes, haven't broken the 22 hour mark yet... But we'll see soon (on a good day of course)... =)

Silence by Delerium featuring Sarah McLachlan is blearing on my speakers now... I'm certainly pooped out and I'm definitely heading off to bed to snooze seriously for real this time...

And oh, lastly, you can have Project Petaling Street back to yourselves, folks! ;)


B.S. said...

Nice man, awesome awesome!

Andreas said...

Wow, that is really a wow. Awesome. How did you get this idea?

5xmom said...

Andy!!! Congrats! Wah, proud of you, Penang lang. (tumpang glory can ha?)

Next time you organise a nationwide one, ok? Cheers!